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rohit rathi Grade: 12

Sir i am suffering from natural eye disesse kerotoconus.I see blurred images from one eye.However there is not much difficulty in daily life .I am also using contact lenses but still i am not 100% normal.I have ardent dezire to become engineer and is bright student.Please suggest sir am i eligible?

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Vivek Nigam
28 Points


feeling vry sad to hear ur misery....if ur condition is too bad,we suggest that u shud take some rest.....

engineering is all about ur imagination,observation,knowledge,,,,,,,etc. etc. if u have passion for IITs,you can cross any limits,because there is no boundation for will power and don't loose hope.....

be positive,be active,be awared.....

utilise yur time in good things,,don't mess out in some wrong addictions,,,make good freinds (which are ofcourse rare in schools)...i suggest yu to join a good coaching class,,,don't pay attention to schools coz dey are for dumb guys who come to learn only preliminary knowldge,,,,,its my own experiance,,,,,,leave the school , enroll yourselves in some cram school,,,join good coaching,,,,,work hard,,,,give maximum time to your studies,,,,,

make your aim clear for these 2 years....that you have to clear IITJEE!  Life in IITs is better than any other engineering college,,and remember ,IITs wud turn you into more proficient and capable engineer,,,,even if you get a chance of dropping an year,,,DONT JUST ANYTHING...for your goal....leave everything aside....and just meditate on your studies..

and remember 1 thing,,,,sense of satisfaction whe

7 years ago
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