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Grade: 12

  I have passed  CBSE 10+2 examination in 2010 with less than MMQE. I took JEE 2010 for the first time and did not qualify.I shall be appearing for a re-examination ( in four papers ) of CBSE 10+2 in the year 2011 so that I could improve the percentage of aggregate marks to greater than MMQE. 

As per the rules of JEE 2011( Explained in FAQ No. 6 on JEE website ) I am eligible to take JEE 2011 but contrary to that  in the information brochure for JEE 2011 at Page No 5 under important points to note it is mentioned that  " The year of passing the qualifying examination will be determined based on the examination he/she passed the earliest out of the qualifying examinations listed in Section III(2). If the candidate attempted any of the qualifying examinations listed in Section III(2) more than once, then the year of the first successful attempt will be used to determine the eligibility to write JEE 2011."

Now I am facing some dilemma in filling up the on-line application form for JEE 2011 (in the section for filling up the academic details) as follows :

( a ) Question No 12  :  Year of Passing Qualifying  Examination ?   (  Passed on or after October 2009 /  Appearing in 2011 ).

( b ) Question No 13  :  In the above exam did you obtain qualifying marks ? ( Yes / No / Not Applicable ).

The question no 12 and 13 are correlated.  In my case what should be the correct answer for the Questions No 12 and 13 ?  

If I  mention "Passed on or after October 2009 " as the answer and  thereby  write  "NO" for Question No.13 then would I be allowed to write JEE 2011 ? Whether my application form won't get rejected plainly on account of not getting MMQE in the 10+2 examination in the year 2010 ? 

Alternatively, could I write "Appearing in 2011" for Question No.12 and  write"  NA "as the answer to Question No.13 in my case ? If yes then whether it shall be the right option since I have already passed my qualifying exam in 2010 ( though with less than MMQE for JEE 2011 ) and in the year 2011 I am going for mere improvement in just four papers of CBSE 10+2 examination in order to be eligible for JEE 2011?

This confusion has got generated since in the JEE 2011 application form any kind of option or question to post / explain the facts for such kind of cases has not been given.

In the light of the above you are kindly requested to help and suggest the right options for the Q. Nos. 12 and 13 so that the application form may be filled up in the correct manner to appear for JEE 2011. Hoping for an early reply.



9 years ago

Answers : (1)

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
419 Points

Dear Neelony

In my opinion you can give JEE 2011.  bur imediately contact JEE for your query as only they can give correct and authentic answer to your questions.

All the best.




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9 years ago
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