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pranay -askiitians expert Grade: 12

 Two moles of Helium gas (γ = 5/3) are initially at temperature 27oC and occupy a volume of 20 litres. The gas is first expanded at constant pressure until the volume is doubled. Then it undergoes an adiabatic change until the temperature returns to its initial value. What are the final volume?

(A)    113.13 × 10–3 m3                                     

(B)    213.13 × 10–3 m3  

(C)    313.13 × 10–3 m3                                   

(D)    13.13 × 10–3 m3 

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

vikas askiitian expert
510 Points

pv = nRT

for first process pressure is kept constant so

v directionally proportional to temp

 Vi/Vf  =  Ti/Tf

 Vf = 2Vi ,  Vi = 20L  & Ti=300k

 so T2 = 600k

now second process is adiabatic so TVr-1 = c

                    Ti/Tf  =  (Vf/Vi)r-1

Ti = 600 ,Tf=300 , Vi=20*2=40L  & r=5/3 so

Vf = 80*21/2 L

    =113.13*10-3 m3

7 years ago
pranay -askiitians expert
44 Points

thank you

7 years ago
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