Hi..Please guide me for IIT JEE Preparation. Will i join online coaching, i don't have enough resources, will i try from kota institutes?

Hi..Please guide me for IIT JEE Preparation. Will i join online coaching, i don't have enough resources, will i try from kota institutes?

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Pratham Ashish
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15 years ago

Dear Amit,

if u hav just completed ur 10th exam den u must start preparing for jee from today as it will take ur complete 2 years of ur life. u r looking for jee, den u must hav clear to the fact dat now iits are looking for kids directly from school dats why in the recent jee papers , they are mostly tilted towards ncert books. So these days, going to school is a first part of preparation and in the next step u must require some able guidance which is of atmost importance in jee preparation. Here the problem come in the way is time management as u can't get enough time to look for  coaching so  i will suggest u to join online coaching as it is flexible n you need not to travel anywhere n you can utilise the saved time in studies.  For this you only need Internet connection.

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Also u can do preparation without going to any school den in dat case u can join coaching institutes like vidyamandir, fiitjee narayana ,etc. in delhi itself or otherwise kota is always a good option if u can get admission at Bansal classes or resonance .....




Thanks and All the Best !!!!


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askiitian expert akshay singh
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15 years ago

hi amit,

   What i personally feel is kota institutes are not gonna help much,As u have limited resources so dont waste them for kota,U can join online coaching at,which would be much beneficial for u and it wont realy waste ur resources as happens in kota .The expenditure in kota will be very high as compared to here and since the no of students there are enormous so its not possible for the teachers to take care of all so if u sincerely focus on this online coaching i m sure u gonne do very well in jee as i know the efficiency,intellect and the great experience of the faculties available here.

The faculties here will thoroughly work on ur basics,improve them and help in making your foundation very  strong,as the ques asked in jee are meant to check the basics of students so join  the online coaching at askiitians .com and get SUCCEEDED.

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