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Shashi Kat Grade: Upto college level

I got a pathetic 75 % aggregate in XII boards 2009 ; presently XII pass and preparing for IIT; want to know how much my percentage would affect during placements at IIT,what should I do to compensate ? I want a 'high salary-developing job'.


8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

Dear Shashi,

I first want to say that 75% is not pathetic at all rather it is a descent percentage in reality and regarding iit placement , i will tell u dat dis totally depends on ur performance at iit , ur past life don't come into account . u can't do any thing to compensate ur 12th marks but u can do one thing dat u study really hard and score good marks in jee and get a good rank to get into better branches.u neednot worry about placements before coming into iits,as it depends on ur academic n extra currics in iit itself.....

8 years ago
AskiitiansExpert Rohan
8 Points

Hey shashi,

First and foremost say cheers to the system at IIT.

To be at IIT all you need is to have 60% aggregate in physics chemistry and maths.. Thats it. Your boards complicacy ends here and you dont need to worry about it one bit. Concentrate for now on Being at IIT not at the placements. Who soesn't wants to get a high paid job..??

anyways for your query let me assure you that the companies that come for the placements wont even look at your 12th standard aggregate. All they will be looking will be your CGPA(Cumilative Grade Point) which will reflect your academic excellence during your stay at IIT and nothing else.

So your answer in brief is that NO it wont affect your placements at IIT. Not at all

8 years ago
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