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kiran kumar Grade:
        sir,i am starting my preparation should i prepareto get in iit chennai, engineering),what should be my planning.give me tips.what % should i score in to prepare.i am in hostel,give me a plan for my success.give me some mp. topics also in all subjects.
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Sonu Kr Mishra Mishra AskIITian Expert -IITG
57 Points

for chennai genetic  you have to get a rank <3000 ie about 50% marks in JEE. improve your chem as strong as possible. finish your NCERT word to word for chem and do all the questions.   for maths you have to do ,TMH course in IIT JEE, completely , no other books are required if you do it completely . for phy do HC Verma completely. all topics are imp  particularly coordinate and calculus in maths. mechanics, modern phy , optics , thermo, waves , and all electricity chapters in physics. for chem do all topics as it is the most scoring subject in JEE. dont fall in the heap of books . just do the recomended books. of luck for JEE.... come to IIT guwahati to meet me ,if you crack your jee, to thank me and then go to your iit madras where you want to go.

7 years ago
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