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Adit Umesh Shah Grade: 12th pass

My teacher teached & it is also written in our NCERT 8th std book that in our earth a big magnet is present.According to teacher this has resulted in attracting the fuits & every thing as the gravitational force does. IS IT THE RESULT OF THE MAGNETISM ORIT IS THE RESULT OF GRAVITATIONAL FORCE ? 

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Askiitians_Expert Yagyadutt
askIITians Faculty
74 Points

Hello Adit



It is not exactly what your teacher has been discussed ...

Earth's magnetic field has very small strength even 100 times smaller than a simple magnet on the earth...a normal iron magnet has 200 gauss strength while of earth it 0.3-0.6 the magnetic field doesn't have any effect like attracting magnets fruits and all...


This attraction and stability of all the objects on earth surface is due to gravitational force ....which is a natural force acting between two massive object separated at some distance ..


So don't create such confusion ..that due to magnetic field objects are attracted

I hope ur doubt is clear now





7 years ago
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