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arjun tyagi Grade:


actually my case is little different. i dint studied well in 12th for some reasons and thus my basics of 11h nd 12th standard are not so good. I always aimed IIT JEE. but now i have made my condition so worse that getting JEE in just 8 months and that too with so weak basics is really impossible but sir i want to work hard dis year though i dont have it in my habit for the past 1 year. now i am thinking of droping dis year nd prepare for AIEEE but the thing that bothers me is that majority says that it is next to impossible to do preparation to that level in just 8 months when ur basics r even not strong but i want to ork this year but on the other hand i have fear as well as doubt as i have heard a lot against it. nd my father also wants me to get admitted in a uptu affilated col. now sir i need help as i m brutally confused.


pls assist me for what i should do. r these 8 months sufficient enought to crack IIT or at least to get good marks in AIEEE so that i can get rank below 5000 as i want cse. i have great interest in computers. Sir pls assist me i need help. nd if it is possible then pls tell me how to start with my preparation.

thanks in advance.


7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Rahul askIITiansExpert.IITR
110 Points

yes it is very much possible

1. stop  worrying: isse kuchh nahi hone wala(except deteoration ofcourse)

2. study hard: there is no substitute to hard work

theoretically speaking 8 months comprises 240 days

if you study for 10 hourse each day then it means 2400 hours that is to say you have a time of 800 hours for each subject

I think that is more trhan sufficeitn if someone is willing to make a sincere attempt

7 years ago
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