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sir which is better nit jalandhar or thapar

sir which is better nit jalandhar or thapar


2 Answers

ashish kumar
17 Points
12 years ago


 Dear Piyush,

Thapar is a much better colege than NIT Jalandhar in terms of exposure and placement as the former comes 8th on the national ranking of the colleges through AIEEE while the latter comes on the 20th position but be careful in chossig branch at Thapar as if you are not getting some good  core branch there than prefer going to Jalandhar.

Thank you.

siddharth malik
18 Points
9 years ago

by simple logic......... nit jalandhar's cutoff of core branches go max upto 16k 
while that of thapar goes upto 25k :P
plus in nits u r getting direct placement 4m psu(s)
plus nit gives u a degree of national level 
and last 2 points don't matter much
a nit is a nit
jalandhar has decent placements.... don't worry
and major factor the fees..

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