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sumit kumar Grade: 12

i am having problem in remembering the large no. of reactions in organic. Plz help me. .......  Plz give me some technique to remember these...............plzhelp

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

hi sumit,

for making things easier , i wud suggest dat 1stly make a list of attacking reagents n divide dem as nucleophiles,electrophiles,,,,,after dat learn d type of rxns dey r involved in ,,,dis will certainly make a difference when u do any question......

nw for d next stage , start categorising d type of rxns n put similar short of rxns in one category,dis will again help u alot ,,

also try to learn d rxns by writing it 3-4 times n again repeat dis writing approach for atleast 3 times den u can memorise it for alonger term....

if u learn organic chemistry according to dis approach den u will score a lot as u will find dis as d most scoring subject in ur paper.......

thanks & all d best!!!!!


8 years ago
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