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I have been alloted Mech. Engineering in IIT Roorkee. My choice sequence was as follows
Choice 1. Mech. Eng. in IIT Bombay (4 years)(B024)
Choice 2. Mech. Eng. in IIT Delhi (4 years)(D024)
Choice 3. Mech. Eng. in IIT Kanpur(4 years)(K024)
Choice 4. Mech. Eng. in IIT Kanpur(5 years)(K096)
Choice 5. Mech. Eng. in IIT Roorkee(4 years)(R024)

If i opt for option no. 3 of acceptance letter, which states " OPTION 3: I may be considered for second allotment for any course in my choice
sheet in order of priority across any of the institutes". will i be allotted a choice higher in my choice sheet ,i.e, B024, D024, K024, K096 only or
is it possible that in my particular case i will be alloted mech. eng. but not in the above stated institutes.


i ask this question because i have a doubt in the language quoted which i understand as the second allotment option is in referance with the course choice
only and its not relevant to the institute, i.e, i may be alloted mech eng in IIT Kharagpur which was my sixth choice but the course of mech eng. is the same.


7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Sukhendra Reddy Rompally B.Tech Mining Machinery Engg, ISM Dhanbad
93 Points

well,der is no need 2 fear since u hav been alloted option5,u cud be upgraded to the 1st 4/remain at 5 only,but der is no way u can slide down

choose option 3 without ne fear

plzzz approe my answer if u liked it:)

7 years ago
19 Points

if u choose opt. 3,u would be consiidered 4 mech. engg only in the 1st 4 institutes u have opted i.e bombay,delhi,kanpur,roorke.u will not be considered at iit kharagpur or any other institute u av stated after choice 5 whatever be the course....... so don't worry..

best of luck !!

7 years ago
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