sir i would like to know the difference between ' 5yr integrated course' and ' 5yr dual degree course'

sir i would like to know the difference between ' 5yr integrated course' and ' 5yr dual degree course'

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Difference between integrated course and dual degree course in engineering

Engineering course is one of the most popular courses in India. The growing demand of the course has forced various new colleges to offer the course inEngineering. Seeing the vastness of the course, the offered courses are huge in this segment. One can avail a variety of degree courses under the engineering category. Apart from the various trades, one can also avail course with special duration. Integrated and dual degree courses are few of the finest examples of these kinds of courses.

Now the question that arises is that what the differences between both the above-mentioned courses are. This is true that both avail two degrees and saves time, but then what is the difference that both the course are different from each other.

The first difference is that in an integrated course, you get both the Bachelor and Master’s degree after 5 years of duration. Generally the Bachelor level course in Engineering is of 4 years and the master level is of 2 years more. So by integrated course you save 1 year and get both the degree at once. On the other hand, in dual degree course, you save your 1 year but you get the bachelor level degree after 4 years and the master level degree after 1 year more.

Another difference is in the approach of studies. The dual degree is done in such a way that both the faculties teaching the course go with their regular schedule and complete the desired course in the same span of time. Whereas in integrated course, the faculties have to co-operate with each other in order to complete the course in the given span of time. This is another way that differentiates the integrated course from the dual degree course in Engineering.

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