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Dhruv Narayanan Grade: 11

sir \ madam,

please help me.. I've just moved into Class XI and seeing the thickness of the books and the complexity, i am facing a huge problem of depression and lack of confidence. The level of difficulty has gone too high and whenever i ask people they say that the level of difficulty would be sky high. i am already feeling nervous and seriously, my heart rates have gone high. I don't really want to join coaching this year as i don't think i would be able to manage my time as well as every concept is completely new to me. So i am thinking of joining next year only.. Also i doubt whether i am made for iit... so please help... i've had a decent score in my class X boards, about 90... but now things are feeling really tough at present. Please help me out. Please also tell me about some good books for all three subjects namely pcm, and some stress management techniques. Also tell me how many books would i need for each subject so that i can prepare nicely for both IIT as well as my 11th class.. please inspire me

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

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first of all calm down !! u r not the 1st person one to have passing through this phase....some show it some not.....belive me i av studied for 2 yrs n i know it...see there's a huge gap btn 10 n 10+2.....all u need to do is to take things a little lightly n get ur basics cleared....that's the secret 4 clearing any exam...

as far the coaching is concerned if u didn't take tutions till 10,join a good one in 11 only or study at home till 12,catching up would be a little difficult in 12 if u r taking tutions 4 the 1st more thing NO ONE IS MADE 4 IIT exept a few god gifted strong from ur mind n have faith in urself....

u didn't mention ur board but if u r from cbse n those thicker books r comprihensive just forgrt them ur ncert books r enough not only 4 boards but also 4 engg. exams....i suggest u the following books:

chem : it is the most scoring sub.hence do it properly.

          ncert enough 4 basic.....n then solve any mcq preperably arihant

maths : ncert+s.n.dey 4 basic n then TMH if tym permits

phy : ncert+h.c.verma 4 basic n then d.c.pandey if tym permits

i would suggest u to do the basic first n go to the 2nd book only when tym permits...don't postpone anything....get started's not at all late...

one more thing not getting into iit is not the end of ur life....even if u miss that, aieee or state exams will be in ur don't worry...get the pressure off ur head n study freely....ur efforts will bring u success ..

wishing u gud luck n all the best....

7 years ago
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