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sai kiran Grade: Upto college level
        Dear IITian,

I am a 2006 B.Tech (ECE) passed out and had been working since then in a software concern as a 'SQA'[Software Quality Analyst] in "Semi Conductor" Domain. My work would be to test and validate the application that controls the real Ion Implanter Tool. My current Pay: 4.7Lakh/Annum. I would like to pursue my M.Tech [Electronics/Networking] in IIT by attempting Gate 2011. I have got AIR 200 in Gate 2006; but unfortunately i was unable to take up my then due to personal problems. Now I have the following questions poking my mind:
1. Would i be financially worthier after 2
years of M.Tech?
2. Will the companies consider my corporate work experience in deciding my package?
3. Would i be getting Better work, compared to my current one?
4. Could that be possible for me to enter core companies like Samsung...with the work experience i have [without doing M.Tech] and learning some specific skills?
Please help me get rid of all my confusions and move ahead in right path.
Waiting for your valuable reply...

Thanks a lot.
Warm Regards,
7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Ramesh V
70 Points

Dear Sai,

Your question is very interesting. As your junior, I am just giving my suggestions here in this forum.

With your work experience of 4 years, I sggest you to go for some private firms in your choosen field whihc will definitely pay in abt 6-10 laks p.a.

Getiing into IIT through GATE doesnt help much as generallly from my experience I didnot see working professionals of 4 yr experience coming and studying 2 yr M tech. Instead go For MBA in a reputed college .

here in IITs, wat i have seen are comapnies paying in amounts of 6 lakhs p.a. They may conider your work experience but very less chance.

i suggest to learn skills and apply throgh comapnies career websites.

all the best




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7 years ago
sai kiran
14 Points

Dear Ramesh,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I got your point.

Thanks for your time.

Have a Nice Day!  Smile

Warm Regards,


7 years ago
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