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MRIDUL MANDAL Grade: Upto college level

which has better placement - a 5 yr or a 4 yr from IIT or NIT ???plzz tell in terms of jobs in a company & as a faculty member in an institute....

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

As a faclty member in some instittes , dual degree adds an advantage

but in jobs, there isnt much difference in jobs at fresher level, but in future after wrking for 3-4 years, definetely dual degree gets some advantage in promotions and othe rbenefits etc.

Here I'm not saying u to go for Dual degree. but if u r interested in brannch where u cant get B tech, then go for dual degree.

Very few comapnies specially consider dual degree specialization and thet may pay high compared to b techs

But for teching in reputed institues, you must need a PhD degree. here dual degree doesnot adda ny advantage if u go abroad as they wont give value to this 1 year M tech degree.

all th ebest




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7 years ago
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