wt is d scope after in civil ?

wt is d scope after in civil ?


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Dear vikrant

A civil engineer is concerned with planning, analysis, design,construction and maintenance of a variety of facilities such as buildings, highways and railways, airports, waterways and canals, dams and power houses, water treatment and waste water disposal systems, environmental quality control, docks
and harbours, bridges and tunnels. A civil engineer is also required to deal with critical problems of today such as disaster mitigation and management, constructing offshore structures for oil production, flood forecasting and flood control, traffic congestion, transportation planning, use of non-conventional
energy resources, for example, wind, tides, waves, etc. The breadth and diversity of the civil engineering profession make it particularly attractive. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and
software development for various civil engineering facilities have become integral parts of civil engineering profession.Lots of scope is available for civil engineer.

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