p(X>6) given that (x>3)===???? plz give answer with explanations.

p(X>6) given that (x>3)===????

plz give  answer with explanations.



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ashish kumar
17 Points
14 years ago


Dear Sapna,

Please clarify whether the number X is between 0 to infinity or natural number between two given numbers.

Thank you

Pawan Rawal
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14 years ago
Well this is a qn of conditional probability, in which we hv to find the probability of no. of sucesses to be >6 if its sure tht no. of sucesses >3 .... I think u r asking this in ref. to qn in jee09. Tht qn is to be done by def. of conditional prob. P(A/B) =________ I cant solve it as u hv nt given probability of success of the event

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