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scope of maths & computing in iit kanpur & kharaghpur ..........

scope of maths & computing in iit kanpur & kharaghpur ..........


2 Answers

Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert
148 Points
11 years ago

Dear akshay

The B.Tech programme in Mathematics and Computing at IIT , provides a fusion of mathematics with Computer Science and Financial Engineering. The curriculum is designed to provide the students with in-depth theoretical background/practical training in computer science, numerical computing, and
mathematical finance. Graduates of this programme are prepared for careers in software industries, financial institutions, investment banks, and government organizations or to pursue higher studies.

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can.
we will get you the answer and detailed  solution very  quickly.

 All the best.
Askiitians Experts

raghav aggarwal
18 Points
9 years ago

hello sir,

i got jee 2012 rank 1059 and i m expecting mathematics and computing !!!

what this branch is all about ?

is it better than production and industrial engg. in iit delhi ???

plz reply soon 


i have very much time to fill the choices !!!!

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