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Akasdeep Singh Grade: 11

I'm in class XI(CBSE) i want to prepare for IIT so which books do i refer for Physics i have Pradeeps Fundamental Physics for Maths RD Sharama for Chemistry again Pradeep!!!!

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Abhishek Karan Batra
34 Points
										Dear Akasdeep Singh
Search for books in the market u r comfortable in understanding and dont go with the names U can also choose from following 
Chemistry Books

S.No	Authors /Publisher	Name of Books	Remarks
1	 P.Bahadur(G.R.Bathla & Sons)	 Numerical Chemistry	 Physical Chemistry
2	O.P. Tandon	 Physical Chemistry	 Physical Chemistry
3	 O.P. Tandon	 Inorganic Chemistry	 Inorganic Chemistry
4	O.P. Tandon	 Organic Chemistry	 Base Book
5	 Paula Bruice Yurkanis	 Organic Chemistry	 Reference Book
6	 J.D. Lee	 Inorganic Chemistry	 Reference Book
 7	 Bruce H. Mahan	 University Chemistry	 Reference Book
6	Organic Chemistry by MORRISON & BOYD	 Organic Chemistry	 Reference Book

Physics Books

S.NO	Authors /Publisher	Name of Books	Remarks
1	 H.C.Verma	 Concepts of Physica Vol I and II	 For text books and problem books.
2	 I.E. Irodov	 Problems in General Physics	 selected problems
3	 Halliday, Resnick & Walker	 Fundamentals of Physics	 Reference Book

Mathematics Books

S.NO	Authors /Publisher	Name of Books	Remarks
1	 R.D. Sharma	 Maths XI & XII	 Basic Text Books
2	 S. L. Loney	 Trigonometry 	 Recommended
3	 S. L. Loney	 Co-ordinate Geometry	 Reference Book
4	 Hall Knight	 Higher Algebra	 Reference Book
5	 I.A. Maron	 Problems in Calculus of One Variable	 Reference Book
6	 Arihant	 Algebra	 Reference Book
7	 Arihant	 Differential Calculus	 Reference Book
 8	 Arihant	 Integral Calculus	 Reference Book
all the best
Abhishek Batra

7 years ago
19 Points

well my suggestion is whatever books u do,get ur basics n concepts cleared.....that's the secret to crack any exam.i'd suggest :

chem : easiest to score among it prorerly

           NCERT 4 basic,then do any MCQ book preferably arihant.

maths : NCERT/R.D.Sharma + s.n.dey 4 basic,then do TMH(tata mcgraw-hill).

phy :  NCERT + H.C.Verma,then do arihant's D.C.Pandey.

along with these see if u can solve fiitjee's study material preferably rankers study material(RSM).after doing all these even if u get tym,then do the books of arihant specially for a particular section like mechanics in phy,trigo in maths,physical in chem etc otherwise be satisfied with the books above.

wishing u best of luck.....

7 years ago
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