sir, please tell me which books I should use for maths olympiad ?

sir, please tell me which books I should use for maths olympiad ?


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8 years ago
Knuth'sConcrete Mathematicsis not only a fun place to learn great combinatorics; it also contains lots of amazing problems.

Polya's "How to Solve It" is a good one.

High school level: Hungarian Problem Book I, II, III, IV

University level: Contests in Higher Mathematics: Miklos Schweitzer Competitions, 1962-1991
"Number Theory: structures, examples and problems", by Titu Andreescu and Dorin Andrica, contains many problems taken from the IMOs.

Functional Equations and How to solve themby Christopher G. Small. This book especially discusses techniques for solving functional equations which appear in the Olympiads.

Geometry Unboundby Kiran Kedlaya.

The Math problems notebookby Louis Funar and Valentin Boju.

I think is a Hungarian Magazine which contains Olympiad level problems. The archived set of problems along with their solutions can be found atthis link.

International Mathematics Competition for University studentshas problems more or less like the Putnam.

Vojtech-Jarnikis again a Undergraduate Mathematical Competition whose archived problems and solutions can be found atthis link.

Problems in Elementary Number Theoryby Hojoo Lee and Peter Vandendriessche has nice collection of problems in Number Theory.

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