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vv v Grade:

which would you prefer EE AT IIT-B OR CSE AT IIT-D? please give me complete information by taking various aspects in to consideration like placements,college life etc  i have no particular inclination towards any branch......please be clear

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kishore IIT Bombay
48 Points

Dear VV,

           As per my me choose EE at IIT-B because i have a friend at IIT-delhi whose JEE rank is damn good and he went to CSE at IIT-D and found completely difficult and after 1st year he changed his branch from CSE to Mechanical branch and also it depends on your interst also but i am telling what happend to my friend coming to EE at IIT_b is very damn good and the placements is really nice...and the courses is really intersting over IIT-B.

1.regarding Placements:: if u compare both the branches are really very good and CS is very good branch than the EE...both have a very good placements but generally CS will have more packages than the EE but it depends on the student resume also..i mean the person who is really good in EE will get more package tahn the weak student in CS like types

2.coming to life:: life @ IIT-B is always chill and damn good...

So VV choose which one u want as i told in the above points..I just told abt my friend's only but in IIT-D CSE very good people also will be there but we have to dicuss both types of people who r gud n not gud..

So as per me its better to go IIT-B EE

All the best


kishore-IIT bombay

7 years ago
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