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rishabh gupta Grade: 12

The problem I face is what actually to do right now. I have an AIR of 1323 which gives me plenty of options (of course less than those who have better rank than me but still I have some options).
My options include IIT Roorkee (of which only Computer Science is closed) and IIT G (which is completely opened). Regarding rest of the IITs fields like Chemical, Civil n Engineering Physics are opened. Also I do not wish to do any dual degree courses from the IITs. The problem lies in the attitude of my relatives around me. They think fields like chemical n civil are relatively not so easy fields to carry in your life. In these fields you need to do plenty of hardwork before settling down and also jobs are less available in this field (by less I mean only 3 to 4 companies actually give jobs in this field). So I would like to know from the IITians who are basically in these trades do they actually are facing so deep problems that they regret their decision of going in for these trades? Do they actually had to work hard before settling down? Did not they have a job after completion of this course?
This fact is maddening me n stressing me out. Because I simply would not have idea about the placements in these fields. Honest replies regarding the situation would be appreciable.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Rajan Jha
26 Points

Dear Rishabh,

To be honest , What I believe is  "What is popular, May not be the Right Choice"

   What is good for others should not be your concern. You are unique, you have your own existence with unique caliber with unique interests. Because of your father says to opt for Computer Eng. and it really good as per your so-called relatives does not change the fact that you will not enjoy doing it as as you are interested in Civil Eng.

You need to explore your own weapon for the war for which you need to undergo the training.

  I would like you to remind you one instance from Hindu Mythology. When all Pandu sons were asked to choose the weapon from the list of the weapons, Arjuna chose Bow-and-Arrow because it was his choice. Had Duryodhna chosen Bow-and-Arow he would not have been the best in his field, as he did not have the qualities of great ambidextrous master archer.      

 Hence, the point is Stand up, Be bold, and Take all the Responsibilities on Your Shoulder.  

There is nothing call hard work or soft work.

Darwin's idea of natural selection makes people uncomfortable because it reverses the direction of tradition.

Below are some of the courses you can opt for.

IIT Khadagpur

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4 Yr) 1391-1935


ELECTRICAL ENGG. (M.Tech 5 Yr Dual Degree)1012-1330

ECHANICAL ENGG. (M.Tech 5 Yr Dual Degree)1292-1544



IIT Kanpur

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4 Yr) 631-1481


CIVIL ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4 Yr) 1095-1984


IIT Delhi

ENGINEERING PHYSICS (B.Tech. 4 Yr) 1238-1929

CHEMICAL ENG./COMP.APP.CHEM ENGG. (M.Tech 5 Yr Dual Degree)1167-1652

IIT Bombay

CIVIL ENGINEERING (B.Tech. 4 Yr) 665-1413


AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (M.Tech  5 Yr Dual Degree)1277-1756

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (M.Tech  5 Yr Dual Degree) 943-1308




7 years ago
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