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Koka Ram Grade:

I am in 11th grade. I joined in iit-krishnamurthy academy. The classes  start on june 10. How many hours in average should i study per day to give me a fair chance to get into a good iit college.

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskIITiansExpert Kartik-IITMadras
21 Points

That would depend upon your aptitude and amount of quality hours you can put in. Just because you sit before books for 14 hours doesnt mean that you have learnt for 14 hours. Since you are just starting I suggest you attend classes and find out what you like/ disike  and what topics you are comfortable with. This will help you organise your schedule with more time spent on topics you need to work at. What ever you decide stick to that schedule. Also make sure you keep it realistic, 18 hours after classes might look very cool but might end up doing more harm then good. Plan you schedule with these things in mind.

7 years ago
Anshul Verma
64 Points

Hi Koka ,


good to know that you are all geared up for preparation . 


there is no generalised pattern for studies that can be applied on every one you wud have to devise one that suites you best .

In General apart from your coaching class revision you should have 1.5 -2 hours per subject for your self study where you can work o your week areas and do some tests .

Keep in mind to keep revising what ever you study on a weekly basis and also do atleast one test per week .


Feel free to post as many doubts you have we wud be happy to help.


All the best !!!!



7 years ago
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