what is the scope of marine engg and naval archi from iit?

what is the scope of marine engg and naval archi from iit?


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8 years ago
Naval Architecture is an excellent course and there are lot of career opportunities. You can join a shipyard, a classification society or a design company. However, most of the opportunities are located outside India. Join a college which is already established and has good alumnus. These factors are instrumental in getting a job and developing your career.
Marine engineering deals with manufacture, design and operation of ship machinery and engines. Marine engineering courses are associated with the construction and maintenance of the ships as well as other sailing vessels. The marine engineers are engaged in supervising the engine crew involved in operating the machines. They also check for the smooth functioning of all electric motors, steam engines and propulsive engines etc. The marine engineers continuously take efforts to improve the efficiencies of gas turbine, existing shipboard conventional steam, nuclear propulsion plants and diesel. Some new technologies are developing in marine engineering such as magneto hydrodynamics, ocean thermal energy, fuel cells and superconductivity. One can make a bright career in marine engineering. There is goodscope of marine engineering coursesin India. This is the best field for getting excellent government jobs.
there are numerous institutions established in various states of India. Few main institutes in India include Marine Engineering Research Institute in West Bengal, Marine Engineering & Research Institute in Maharashtra, International Marine Communication Centre in Tamil Nadu, Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research in Maharashtra, Indian Marine College in Andhra Pradesh, Indian Institute of Technology in Maharashtra.

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