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Sona Srivastava Grade: 12


dear sir/mam

can you please tell me ... why are the dual degree courses not considered as good as courses , both at iits

is there any difference in the course materials , the contents or the curriculum in dual degree courses and courses

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kishan IIT Kharagpur
46 Points

Hey Sona

I think you have been misinformed about dual degree courses not being as good as the BTech courses. Dual degree courses and B Tech courses have exactly the same courses in the first three years. In the fourth year however, dual degree students take more courses than the BTech students.

Advantage of a Dual degree course is that you get both the bachelors and the masters degree within five years, as opposed to six years if both of them are done separately.

Advantage of a BTech course though is that it is just a four year course and you graduate a year earlier than in a dual degree course. This is specially advantageous if you are looking to go for further studies after IIT. Most US universities offer Integrated PhD programme where students' first year of study is towards obtaining a masters, which is mandatory in a lot of universities even for dual degree students. However, these days, a lot of universities are admitting dual degree students directly to PhD programmes.


Askiitians Expert

Kishan S Srinivas

7 years ago
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