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varun marwah Grade: 12

Hi could u pls help me out on this... I am in quite a dilemma here.. I have completed almost half my Physics portion which i have covered from H.C.Verma and Resonance study material still I am having a big problem in problem solving and cannot solve most problems in tests thus i am really depressed as i am stuck here I score badly in tests due to this... I cannot even get 3/4 th of what i solve in HC.Verma and other books.. What can i do to overcome this problem?? 

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kishan IIT Kharagpur
46 Points

Hi Varun

The problem you are facing is quite common amongst students preparing for IIT JEE. There is a very simple mechanism you should follow for this.

Firstly, not being able to solve problems might be due to a lack of clarity in concepts or in some basic concepts. So you must try and revise concepts even from the older chapters time and again.

You should follow up reading any section by solving problems specific to these sections which can be found in standard books like HCV and Halliday and Resnik. It is important that you spend enough time on these problems and not directly look at the solutions. 

When you solve test papers also, it is important that you try and solve all the questions in the test paper without any time. You must practice to compare your solutions with standard solutions to these questions and see how you could have improved your answer in terms of the the approach and the quality of the answers. 

If you follow this process of studying, you will surely see a big change in both the quality of your answers and your confidence levels.


Askiitians Expert

Kishan S Srinivas

7 years ago
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