what are the IIST & ISAT exams for?

what are the IIST & ISAT exams for?


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Anshul Verma
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13 years ago

Hi Samidha,


IIST is Indian Institute of Space science and Technology , Thiruvananthapuram . It has courses in  Avionics, Aerospace Engineering  and Physical Sciences.


ISAT is the exam that is conducted for entrance in IIST . Exam is usually help in April. This year it was conducted on !6th of April .


You can check the below link for details


Feel free to post is as many doubts you have we wud be happy to help.


All the Best !!!





Priya Gorakshnath Anandkar
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13 years ago
hi dear ; this year exam will be on 16th april. syllabus is cbse 11&12 std plz approved my ans if u like . thanks

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