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arjun jacob Grade: 12

is it very hard to survive in IIT's?i mean will it be enough if we study like the way we prepared for jee?if we get gud marks in all exams will we get gud cgpa?wat are the extra things u shld score other than marks in mid exams??pls reply

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Amit Askiitiansexpert
112 Points

grading system is based on your marks in your exam. generally if u get A grade (>90), B (80-90) and so on.. the grading can be relative among the students or can be absolute, entirely depending on your subject teacher. some times this includes your impression , attendence, assignment submission - but all these carry 20 marks, mid exams-30 marks, end exams - 50 marks.

and CGPA has lot of importance in first shortlist for comapnies. generally a cgpa of 7.5 is very gud. Entirely CGPA doesnot work in placmnts, thr requirres u r persaonal talent, extra activities and son on. A gud CGPA will take u too the desk of interviewer easily sooner. Salary packages depends on depends on your dept.

Of course if perform well, youll get a gud grade and thus a gud CGPA. For good grades you need to have good marks in mid terms and various class tests... all count towards the final GRADE i.e . Mid term +End term + class Tests + project if ant + attendance(depends on Prof)

For higer studies a gud GPA of 8+ is required to get admission in gud college.


Amit Yadav

7 years ago
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