sir..which is better in terms of placement nd salary..aerospace or navel arch. at IIT madras??do IIT madras have overseas placement?

sir..which is better in terms of placement nd salary..aerospace or navel arch. at IIT madras??do IIT madras have overseas placement?


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Between Naval arch and aerospace .. i think the naval is better coz aerospace aero has less opputunites in india...

IIT Madras Placement Procedure

The placement campaign for IIT Madras is conducted through a certain procedure. IIT Madras sends the placement invitation letters to companies and organizations along with the Employer Registration Form required to be filled in by the company. The filled up forms have to be sent back to the institute by the interested organizations. The information is then made available for the students online along with relevant information.

Interested candidates are then required to submit their resumes which are sent to the companies by the institute. The organizations shortlist candidates based on the information on the resume. The aptitude, technical test, personal interviews and group discussion are held on the specified and fixed dates. The offer letters for selected candidates are sent to the placement office which is then handed over to the candidate.

IIT Madras Placement Record

The placement track record of IIT Madras shows an upward trend that specifies the increase in demand for IIT qualified candidates every year. IIT Madras is visited by a large number of companies and organizations every year who wish to tap into the brilliant resource pool of talent. Like the other IIT institutes, the demand for IIT qualified candidates from IIT Madras surpasses the number of candidates available to fill up the vacancies.

Major Placement Organizations at IIT Madras

IIT Madras candidates are in great demand among all major companies and organizations. IIT Madras is considered as a pool of brilliant talents and intellectuals. The IIT Madras placement campaigns are attended by many important companies and organizations for recruitment. Some of the main companies frequently come for IIT Madras placements include McKinsey, Analog, Cosmic Circuits, Lehman Brothers, Capital One, Reliance Industries, Google India, Murugappa Group, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Shell, Zazu Networks, Morgan Stanley, Manhattan Associates, Arcot, Ittiam Systems, L & T, Covansys, GE, Satyam Computers, Sabre Travel and C-Dot.

Dominant Trend in Placement through IIT Madras

IIT Madras has always seen a trend of candidates electing for the core engineering programs to ensure a career for themselves in the IT industry. Nowadays, students are also opting for management programs and specialization in marketing areas on a large scale. IIT Madras has also marked an increase in candidates opting for placement in finance and consultancy companies.

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aero has less opputunites in india

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