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WHich topics i should strictly cover for KVPY stream SX??????Please reply fast.

WHich topics i should strictly cover for KVPY stream SX??????Please reply fast.


1 Answers

Harishwar IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 50 Points
7 years ago
First and foremost, you will have to completely study NCERT 11th standard. Period. This is the most important of all. Now I will discuss subject-wise:

Physics – The questions are more on general physics rather than subject knowledge. You may need to practically put the question in the situation to arrive at the answer. So right from the very beginning start thinking about why and how. Some topics like Optics and Electrodynamics of 12th are very important. So use NCERT 12th standard for these.

Chemistry – you need to study NCERT of 11th standard thoroughly. Trust me that will surely help, especially for Organic chem. You may also need to know the basics of Inorganic so if you really want to crack the top spot you may have to go on to 12th standard NCERT but that is just 1 or 2 questions maximum, and frankly I left those in the exam (Though I dont encourage you to do the same!).

Maths – I should have started with this because “He’s The Man [:P] ”. The questions are lengthy as well as logical. Your Non-Programmable Sci-Calculator won’t be much of an assistance. There is no specific topic that I can pin-point but it is totally General Maths. The prime funda is put some value and eliminate the other options. As for the preparation part, practice previous year papers, you will get the feel out of it.

Biology – Oh damn! Not again. If this is your expression, then change it as biology is the easiest of all sections in the KVPY. All you need to know is remembering what you learnt till now and a little touch of 11th biology. For that, topics like Immunity, Heredity and Evolution are important. NCERT may be handy. You can study them pretty easily but yes, try remembering those tough biology terms.

The bottom line is – You need to know your basics and be clear with your logics.

Overall, take care of your speed during the paper. These kind of papers need high accuracy in short time. Don’t think too much, they need to test just your basics and not rocket science.

Start Early, Lead the Era [:)] . I will tell you about the Interview round after you bring me the good news of clearing Stage 1.

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