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Aeronautical engineering is all about the science of aircraft, comprising the construction, research, development, testing, maintenance and design of military aircraft, civil aircraft, and missiles. It uses computer technology in every aspect of aircraft engineering, and is a field that also involves aerospace engineering (use of aerodynamics).

How to be an aeronautical engineer?

To be an aeronautical engineer you have to have a degree in aeronautical engineering (B.E. or B.Tech). It is a four-year full time degree course. Diploma courses of three years are also available. One can further study to get a master's degree in aeronautical engineering as well.


The minimum qualification to get into a degree college is 10+2 pass with subjects like math, physics, and chemistry with at least 50% marks in each subject. A diploma-pass candidate should also earn 50% aggregate in 10th class. The same goes for B.Sc. students.

Academic program

This is a four-year degree course that comprises eight semesters. There are various subjects that are included in the curriculum, like fundamentals of propulsion, theory of aerodynamics, material science, automatic control guidance, structural analysis, fluid dynamics, electronics, etc.

You can also have specializations in fields like structural design, navigational guidance and control systems, instrumentation, communication, or production methods for products like passenger planes, military aircraft, satellites, helicopters, rockets, etc.

After the training session, candidates have to assemble and fly an aircraft as the final presentation.


There are plenty of colleges in India where you can pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering. There is a mandatory joint entrance examination that is conducted by the board. Based on the score and the cut off marks for that year, candidates will be admitted to the college.

Scope and career

After you earn a degree in aeronautical engineering, you can work almost anywhere in the world. Engineers have a great option in the field of aviation, aeronautical, aerospace and defense industries. Their job is concerned with various areas like design, maintenance and development, besides which there are teaching positions in top universities. They can work in air turbine production plants, manufacturing units, airlines, and many more fields. There are many jobs opening abroad as well. In fact most of the engineers at NASA are Indian engineers.

In the computer field, you can also draw plans using CAD software. Another important field is the air accident investigation, which tries to eliminate air mishaps.


The job is quite attractive and provides a good position as well. Besides, the salary is lucrative, which is why many youth are attracted towards making a career in this field.

The average starting salary is much higher as compared with other fields of engineering. The salaries are also best in the government sector. The average salary in HAL and NAL is Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 monthly. Those in the research field like DRDO and ISRO can earn around Rs. 45,000 approximately.

The salary and the perks also depend on the experience and the skills that you have.

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sir if iwant to do work in NASA OR ISRO then it is compulsory to do aeronautical engineering? or the other way example by doing cosmo’s study?????
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sir i post very few questions on ur site and still there is no response.sir please give some time to my queries????

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