Which branch is most suitable for me in Engg

Which branch is most suitable for me in Engg


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Saurabh Kumar
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7 years ago
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Ratan Khanna
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7 years ago
The above mentioned are traditional branches of engineering. Nowadays many new specialisations have been introduced which you can consider as they are as per the needs of market and industry trends. You can check out the branches like Petroleum Engineering, Automotive Design Engineering, Civil Engineering with specialization in Infrastructure Development, Chemical Engineering with Specialization in Refining & Petrochemicals, Production & Industrial Engineering etc.You can read more about such specisations, career prospetcs etc on official website of UPES.
Mamta Gerg
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7 years ago
Hi Sudhanshu, I hope you have heard of B.Plan course which has been designed to provide knowledge and skills required for planning in an increasingly complex and diverse world. Planners help decide the design and appearance of cities and towns as well as their services, facilities and communities. Though very few universities in India are offering this course, but it is one of the most promising course in the coming days. 
Soneel Verma
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7 years ago
I guess this question must be answered by you on your own, i mean to say that you know better where you are good or what interests you the most...otherwise CSE and ECE are quite good programs...I suggest you to visit the official websites of some renowned colleges to get admission –
Parala Maharaja Engg College, behrampur
Lovely Professional University, Phagwara
Heritage Inst of Tech.,Kolkata
DAV Inst of Engg and Tech, Palamu

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