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        Whether online is best or offline for JEE mains to score top rankings?
one year ago

Answers : (4)

Raj vaibhav siddhant
28 Points
										First of all thanks for being with us .... You asked one of most significant question... You asked whether to prepare online or offline in my opinion studying offline is good ,because it makes you sit attentively for hours and you become able to perform intelligent reading....but in real life I don`t know anyone who can study hours and hours ...without getting bored from seeing those material pages of in those time we must find a way in which we can target two birds with single a way which comes handy is going online reduces let`s you interact with millions of people at the same time.....for example had a question whether to study offline or online.... You simply went online and asked us......and here is your answer ....studying offline is good but with online help is best and in my opinion ...must for JEE.....I hope this answer of mine will be helpful to you.
one year ago
Raj Gaurav Adarsh
27 Points
										We know that IIT is a place where every person goes for the sake of knowledge, so it is a good opportunity for every one to show their skills in the field of computer. And also it would be easier for us to give exam online.
one year ago
Umakant biswal
5362 Points
dear kumar 
both of the exam are of same level , i mean the question difficulty will be equal at both the format of examination . 
so, its all about your comfortability , the mode in which u attended mock test before the actual jee paper . 
so, if u can sit for 3 hours in full concentration in front of the computer , then choose online , else offline will be better . 
offline is the traditional mode of exam and u will take some time to bubble the answer in omr sheet here and also there is always a chance of mistake , but online – its free from any kind of error , 
so, in my opinion online will be the best option 
one year ago
Sheetal kumari
106 Points
										I think you should opt for offline mode of exam as some students have difficulty in sitting in front of computer for long 3 hours so go for offline mode
6 months ago
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