Top 5 Strategies to Crack the Competitive Examination

Top 5 Strategies to Crack the Competitive Examination


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Tips to Crack Competitive ExaminationsStrategies to crack any competitive examination are always the same. What really varies is the anxiety among students for the exams. Obviously, competitive examinations are part ofa student’s life but that does not guarantee you success—preparation and right strategies do.

The CBSE XII board examination plays an important role in a student’s life. One of the most important competitive exams in the life of a student, they are the foundation of an idealistic academic career. From here on, the real competition of students starts.

This is why we have brought you some of the most important tips and strategies to crack CBSE XII boards. Let’s check them out:

1. Know Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Knowing your weaknesses and strengths is important as it allows you to plan your preparation for the CBSE examination. You can be strong in Maths, average in Physics, and weak in Chemistry. You must know it all so as to design your preparation.

2. Plan Your Preparation

There is no need to tell you why planning your preparation is important. This is how you can manage your time well and prepare more in the limited time. Make a weekly plan and finish everything in the stipulated time.

3. Know Everything About Your Examination

By knowing everything about your examination, we mean that you must have the knowledge about the syllabus, exam pattern, exam notification, and important chapters.

4. Practice Hard

If you think only learning chapters will help you then you are completely mistaken. You required to answer perfectly so don’t forget to practice hard until you get the perfect answer. Practice and practice until you are sure of the perfect answer.

5. Take Breaks

Studying hard is important to crack the CBSE XII examination. But taking breaks in-between is also equally important for it helps you rejuvenate and refresh. You can take some time out for exercise, books, and movies. In fact, anything that you wish to do. The idea is to break the monotony for a while and be yourself.
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9 years ago
sholdn`t be the "Know Everything About Your Examination" first one or preferably this is the step which every students must take before finalizing which exam they are gonna prepare.

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