sir work energy module of page 12 13 q no 18 a nd 22 page 43 q1 and page 49 q2iii and q3 ii

sir work energy module of page 12  13  q no 18 a nd 22 page 43  q1 and page 49 q2iii and q3 ii


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Saurabh Kumar
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9 years ago
On page no 12 and 13, there are illustrations, for which numbers is not mentioned.

On page no. 43, Q-1 , The order of the potential energy for fig. i,ii,iii and iv, ypu can comapre according to the concept.
a- Maximum potential energy ,i.e. less stable arrangement, fig i and ii are very less stable and having centre of mass at same height.
b- fig iv is less stable than fig iii.
so order of comparison i = ii > iv > iii
On page no 49, q no 2, (a) If you are knowing the variation in speed at top, bottom and at diameter position which is due to energy variation in motion in vertical circle(bucket case)
at bottom, N = mv2/R – mg and velocity at the bottom point should be v = (5Rg)1/2 and velocity at the top point must be v = (Rg)1/2
put the values and find the answer.
for second part use energy-transformation equations.

Q no.3, Use concept of motion in vertical circular plane and different cases for speed variation …

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