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sir what is spot round is it will happen in 2015 counselling

sir what is spot round is it will happen in 2015 counselling

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

Vijay Mukati
askIITians Faculty 2590 Points
5 years ago
Spot round is last round of filling up the vacant seats in the institute. Yes It will happen. Thanks.
Soneel Verma
823 Points
5 years ago
After all the rounds of counselling when the seats are allotted to the most deserving candidates, if there are some vacant seats in the institutions, then the spot round is conducted and next lot is given opportunity for admission and it is generally conducted everytime to fill the vacant seats,....just wait and  watch,....but keep an active eye on spot round outcomes,.........if you succeded to make it ther, well and good, else try visiting the weblinks of some other renowned institutions to seek admission there, like – Silicon Inst of Tech, Bhubhneshwar,.........Kurukshetra Uni, Kurukshetra,.......Lovely Professional Uni, Phagwara

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