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parabola part 4 doubts

parabola part 4 doubts

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3 Answers

askIITians Faculty 69 Points
6 years ago
Try finding the centre and radius of the circle. (Centre is negative and passes through origin). Also, find the point of intersection of circle and parabola, which will give 2 values. One is zero and other in terms of lambda. But from the figure, it can be deduced that both intersect at only origin. Hence, equate the one value in terms of lambda to zero and get the value of Lambda.
vineet chatterjee
42 Points
6 years ago
i am not getting the answer....i have attached my approach sheet also along with the question....please look into that and tell me what is wrong.....and please give me the ANSWER....
askIITians Faculty 69 Points
6 years ago
Why tangent? It would take you more time to solve the eqn.

Completion of squares of eqn of circle will give you centre and radius. (-2L,0) and radius(2L)

Solve for points of intersection of circle and parabola, to get the solution:

As only point lies where both intersect i.e. at origin. So -8-4L=0

And the value of L from here is not far off...

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