Is it possible to crack jee in 4 months without having crystal clear basics ?

Is it possible to crack jee in 4 months without having crystal clear basics ?

Grade:12th pass

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Parv Joshi
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one year ago
No my friend, it is not possible. JEE is one of the toughest exam in India and chilldren start preparing for it from class 11th. Basics are really very important to crack JEE. JEE Mains asks some basics questions too. So if your basics are not clear, you will not be able to solve easy questions which can bring you marks.
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one year ago
This time is enough if you are clear with the basic concepts. It demands the students to be academically strong as well as have other skills like analytical skills, time management, exam taking strategy, and situational intelligence. Here are some of the preparion tips you can follow to prepare the exam:Tips for The preparation of Physics :Learn Formulas Thoroughly: As you study Physics, note down all the formulas and remember them by heart.Learn Derivation Of The Formulas: Learning the derivation of the formulas helps in memorizing and understanding them better.Concentrate On Scoring Topics: Once your basic concepts are cleared, concentrate on the scoring topics like Mechanics. Pay extra attention to Thermodynamics as it is common to Physics and Chemistry.

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