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is going for mba after finishing barch a wise decision ?? what is the best thing u can do after barch ??

is  going for mba after finishing barch a wise decision ?? what is the best thing u can do after barch ??

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Raheema Javed
156 Points
6 years ago
here are various higher study options for graduates after completing their bachelor level education in architecture. These candidates should qualify Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) inorder to apply for higher study in design. Another option for higher studies is Master’s degree in Architecture. The career opportunities will be more for post graduates. Majority of higher study options after B. Arch are listed below

Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Design (PGDPD)
Master of Technology in Urban and Regional Planning (M.Tech - URP)
Master of Technology in Housing (M.Tech- HSG)
Master of Technology in Environmental Planning (M.Tech– EP)
Master of Technology in Infrastructure Planning (M.Tech – IP)
Master of Technology in Construction of Project Management (M.Tech - CPM)

There are various job opportunities waiting for graduates after completing their graduate’s degree in Architecture. Different job profiles available for graduates in Architecture are listed below

Architectural Technician
Architectural theoretician
Architectural conservator
Architectural engineer
Architectural technologist
Architecture Professor
Architecture Critic
Architecture Photographer
Building Control Officer
Building inspector

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