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im in 12 th std,preparing for jee,my performance class tests was not so good ,i want a suggestion, how should i revise along with completing topics going in class.

im in 12th std,preparing for jee,my performance class tests was not so good ,i want a suggestion, how should i revise along with completing topics going in class.


1 Answers

Saurabh Kumar
askIITians Faculty 2411 Points
6 years ago
Tips to Crack JEE Main 2016 in Limited Time

Like every JEE Mains, even 2016 would be difficult and therefore it is important to pay 100% attention during IIT JEE Online Preparation. Plancess Subject Matter Experts and Top 100 IIT JEE Rankers has jotted down important points to explain you what should you do to clear the test easily.

Choose proper study material

You shouldn’t run behind multiple study material to prepare for the exam. Also, you should decide IIT JEE Study Material in the start itself. Pick the best book and material for preparation. Choose a material that covers complete JEE Main syllabus and is as per the JEE pattern. IIT JEE Video Lectures are usually recommended as the best material, because it saves time. Students can watch the videos anytime and anywhere for multiple number of times. Also, it helps in revision of every topic.

Do smart work

Your teacher and parents might tell you – work hard. But in JEE, just hard work won’t help. JEE is an application based test, it requires you to work smartly. It requires your time, attention and highly level of concentration. Even though you attend offline coaching classes, don’t rely on it completely. You should create a study plan and follow it for timely revision. Take as many test as you can to understand the concepts clearly.

Solve Previous Year Papers

Learning isn’t everything, but remembering after learning is. Revision is very important to remember the concepts you have studied. Students should refer last 2-3 year’s papers and solve it to get clear understanding of topics. IIT JEE Online Test Series and model question papers must also be solved to know your preparation level.

Physical Activity

Don’t be a couch potato! Relax, exercise or meditate to keep yourself fit and healthy. It revitalizes your mind and body. Additionally, revision is also required. Revision is the most important trick to crack JEE Main 2016.It enhances your confidence, enriches your memory and improves your confidence.

Eat properly

Regular diet is another area where you should focus, compulsorily. Incorporate healthy items in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Never skip your meal and breakfast; have something after every couple of hours. Eat less at night, but eat mandatorily. Fruits, fruit juices and low fat items must be added to your diet chart.

The Bottom Line

Study sincerely from the start, so that you’ll get more time for revision of each and every topic. Don’t rely on last minute preparation. Prepare well and give it your best shot!

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