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i want a proper time table oe schedule for self study

i want a proper time table oe schedule  for self study


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
5 years ago
A proper schedule and an extensive time-table is the greatest necessity.
Firstly you must take enough time to identify your strong and weak topics in all the subjects and rank them accordingly.After that you've got to sit down and make weekly goals. You should preferably start with the weak topics so that you have enough time to clarify doubts and practise those topics adequately.This is a very important point-Never be too confident about one subject (or topic) which you like and ignorant about another subject (or topic) which you don't. You never know the difficulty level of the question that would be asked. It may happen that in the examination, the subject( topic) which you had given your total dedication has a very high difficulty level and you might not be able to answer it while the subject(topic) you ignored has a very easy solution but you had not studied it properly so your competitors would gain an undue edge.
Take 5-10 minute short breaks at every hour or so. During breaks, close your eyes and relax. Try not to think of anything and keep your mind free.Have complete faith in yourself. Do not give up to examination pressure and give your best during the exam.

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