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i completed my 10 th this year. i want to prepare for jee 2017 how can i prepare for it

i completed my 10th this year. i want to prepare for jee 2017 how can i prepare for it


2 Answers

1698 Points
6 years ago
u must prefer a good coachng institute and start practising right from thr beginning
also take online tests or video lectures from askiitians if necessary thst are very good
approve if useful
shubham sharda
361 Points
6 years ago
Prepaaring for Jee mains at home is very tough, but not impossible. I requires great discipline to study alone. First you require to make a plan because it is easy to get derailed from the track withut a plan to run on.
First you should make yearly plan. then a monthly plan , and finally a plan of the week, the topics you wish to complete this week. As for the books, you should not buy too many books. Buy one good book for each subject and study it thoroughly. In addition to thee books you may buy one refernce book for each subject too.
Physics: Arihant objective series. Reference: “funamentals of Physics By Resnik Halliday”
Chemistry: NCERT. Reference: “Arihant series”
Mathematics: Ml Khanna, Refernce:”Arihant series”
 Above all always be positive about your preparation. Believe in yourself, in you ability to complete he task.
This is going to be tough, but you can do it.
please approve if you like my answer.

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