how to cope up with inferiority complex?

how to cope up with inferiority complex?


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askIITians Faculty 1246 Points
7 years ago
This is a very common issue with the people especially withe students of final schooling to UG level because it is the Phase in increase of maturity levels and constantly stirred about what people think of us and feel inferior. Only communication is the only answer to it. If you talk about any thing anywhere the inferioiry complex dilutes from that moment.
I can give u an example that you felt that you are inferior but you came out to ask a question on askiitians forum. It actually represents dilution but you are not dare enough to ask this question to any other person directly because that you dont want to loose your identity. So break the rules and motivate yourself constantly. YOU are going to achieve great heights in future and this should not be your drawback. Think about it and all the best.

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