how should i manage my time table.?

how should i manage my time table.?


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askIITians Faculty 69 Points
8 years ago
DIvide your study hours in such a way so as to have ample time for the subjects in which you are facing problems or are least confident in attempting questions. Write down the formulae or concepts for each chapter separately which would be helpful to you during a quick revision just before the exams. Practice as many numericals as you can which will give you a firm command over the concepts besides enhancing your problem solving approach. After each chapter, attempt a sample paper with the time limit so as to increase your speed. Get enrolled in a test series(weekly) because that will help evaluate your preparation and performance. Follow this time table for a month and then change according to your subject performance and preference,

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shubham sharda
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7 years ago
You should not focus on time, focus on the tasks that you need to do each day. I’d suggest to make a to-do list each day . the list should contain all the things that you need to study that day. Now just focus on this list. don’t worry about time, your goal should be to complete all the tasks in the list.It doesn’t matter haow much time it takes, complete the tasks in there.and above all believe in your luck bro.
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