“How come the universe is made of matter and not antimatter”

“How come the universe is made of matter and not antimatter” 


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Gajanand Jha
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9 years ago
Matter and Anti matter are similar in every way expect of their charges.
But there are some more differences betwwen matter and antimatter which related to coupling constants.
When a high energy gamma ray produces particle anti particle pair. It produces equal quantities of both. So, it is natural to think that when the universe was created in the big bang then equal voumes of matter and antimatter should have been created but this is not the case.
We now think that it is those extra differences between matter and antimatter due to which a few extra matter particle were created than the antimatter particles. So, All antimatter and matter particles annahilated and it is those extra matter particles that makes the whole universe. We think that 1 extra matter particle is created if we produce particle antiparticle pair of 10 billion photons. Where do they come from. No idea. It is an area of research. You are completely free to think something of your own and put it here. I am more than willing to hear.

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