Explain the working of an electric fuse in detail.

Explain the working of an electric fuse in detail.


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Vasantha Kumari
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10 years ago
Let us first analyse why an electric circuit should essentially have a fuse.
Now, you know that the we use copper wires for the current distribution in household circuits. They are insulated from each other and when small current flows the rate of heat produced get dissipated. However, when large current flows the heat produced due to overloading may cause an electric fire and we need a safety device called a fuse.
How does a fuse work?
A fuse has a low melting point and generally made up of an alloy of 50% lead and 50% tin melting around 200oC. So, naturally when the current exceed a specific limit the fuse melts.(overloading of circuit or due to current fluctuation)

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