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can you tell me the name of the best ever coaching centre for IIT JEE & ADVANCED??

can you tell me the name of the best ever coaching centre for IIT JEE & ADVANCED??


1 Answers

Yash tripathi
47 Points
5 years ago
the best coaching includes FIITJEE , vidyamandir, resonance, kota(allen) etc. But what matters is ur hardwork and intelligence.(ahh..same lines that everyone says na!!but let me tell u something). Selection rate from these coaching institutions are high compared to other coachings that i accept but wat about rest of the students who were not selected were they less than handful of topper students(excluding exceptions) who cracked IIT-JEE?obviously , no but wat they lack is hardwork and passion. First devlope that then think about the rest.But i will not unaccept the importance of coaching. And if you want to be secure enough and want coaching which has almost 95% selection rate then just try to contact anand kumar-super 30 ( you”ll get it on net) but he take only poor people but atleast try who knows wat’s in store for u? :p best of luck and sorry for such a long answer :):):)

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