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Can u tell many hours of study is required to crack iit jee...??and can u give a plan too??

Can u tell many hours of study is required to crack iit jee...??and can u give a plan too??


1 Answers

Yash Baheti IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 97 Points
7 years ago
Seven Steps for effective Time Management
• Have an organized work place
• Maintain a proper planner for study
• Plan out your daily activity based on their importance level
• Identify the times of highs and lows in a day and try to dedicate that time in serious study
Practice Scheduling you day:-
• Plan ahead, the amount of time a particular subject or syllabus would require to prepare it for cracking these exams
• Consider if weather activities can be combined
• Create a timetable that would divide the study schedule into periods so that you can concentrate on all three subjects equally
• Keep altering the periods so to avoid monotony or boredom
• Try to be flexible in schedules and take regular breaks so as to keep your concentration intact
Task Priority:-
• Prioritize the subject of the exams based on the difficulty level and weightage in exam
• Use ABC technique to prioritize task :-
o A – Task which are urgent and important
o B – Task which are important but not urgent
o C – Task which are neither urgent nor important
• Don’t postpone small task – this will give you sense of achievement
• Set short term and long term goals both

Avoid Over load:-
• JEE Main exams would test your basic concepts, so do not overload the brain. Focus and learn the concepts and the route to success would automatically become easier.

• Include sufficient time for rest, sleep, eating, exercise, and socializing in your daily schedule

• Take short breaks during study and work periods.

• Reward yourself for each achieved goal and each met deadline

• This would act as an excellent motivator and would give you something to look forward to

Utilize Effective Study Techniques:
• An appropriate study environment is essential
• Split large tasks into smaller, manageable tasks.
• Clarify doubts as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the day before the exam
• Study the most difficult subject/chapters first and keep revising them
• Practice problems from previous years question
• Give regular tests
• It is important to be flexible with the time schedule and have alternative plans in case of an unexpected occurrence of events.
• Know how to rearrange your schedule when necessary
• Never hesitate to ask for help when needed
Set Realistic Goals:
• Set a vision. It is important to set long-term goals in order to achieve success.
• Verify whether the activities or plans are ultimately helping to achieve the set goals.
• Never be confused about the priorities
• Always have a positive attitude!

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