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sri valli Grade:

sir,i have confusion regarding isomerism topic.can u please explain in brief.type of questions asked in isomerism

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
747 Points
										Isomerism is the phenomenon whereby certain compounds, with the same molecular formula, exist in different forms owing to their different organisations of atoms. The concept of isomerism illustrates the fundamental importance of molecular structure and shape in organic chemistry.
for eg:Which of the following compounds will exhibit cis-trans isomerism? ans:The compounds with each doubly bonded carbon attached to two different groups (like Cab=Cab, Cab=Ccd) exhibit geometrical isomerism i.e., cis and trans forms. The geometrical isomerism arises due to restricted rotation of double bond.
However, even though there is restricted rotation for triple bond, alkynes do not exhibit geometrical isomerism, since the triply bonded carbons are attached to one group each only.
2 years ago
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