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A.Guru Prakash Grade: 12


Sir, I am a IIT JEE 2009 candidate. I am expecting a rank around 800. I am an obc(ncl) candidate. I have planned to join IIT Madras. I found from the previous year data that I can get anything in dual degree. In graduate degree I can get courses except computer science and electrical. I am not interested in higher studies. So which one will be a wise choice? And why should the toppers choose B.Tech rather than D.D? What makes the difference?   

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Prashant Sahay
19 Points

Dear Student,

With a rank of 800 you can get anything in IIT Madras in Dual degree.Now see basically IIT is world renowned for its B.Tech course.Infact the M.Tech program of IIT does not come in world's top 100.So students who do B.Tech from IITs always aspire to do M.Tech or M.S from MIT , Stanfford ,Berkeley , State University of California , Princeton , etc.They can easily avail a seat in these colleges.So this is why students opt for B.Tech , they do not go after dual degrees.

Personally speaking in your case since you are not interested in higher studies , it is advisable to go for a straight B.Tech program.If you can let me know whether you are interested in IIMs further , I can give you more advice.




8 years ago
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